Wild Bird food and Racing Pigeon food

New Year, New Birds

Robin no waste or RASB

Of course, New Years is the biggest time of year for setting yourself new goals. My daughter Robyn is determined to spend more time writing and working on her business (by getting off Netflix!) and my daughter Lydia is going to try and reduce her stresses and do more exercise. However, it doesn’t have to be about exercise or changing priorities – we have another idea at Laverock Hall! Last year we encouraged you to think a lot about Veganuary and how instead of not eating meat you could look to feed the birds and encourage a flurry of wildlife to your world. This year, we are encouraging you to feed the birds on a regular schedule! It’s important to feed the birds on a timescale that works for you too – your goal could be to feed them once a week or once a day, but a walk in the...

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Robyn’s favourite mix: Robin and Songbird

Robin no waste or RASB

We all love robins in the UK, don’t we? Some of us love them so much we have a family member named after them, don’t we (Robyn, our daughter!)?  Robins were voted our national bird in 1960 and people seem to really love having them in their gardens, even though they’re feisty and bossy little birds. They’re related to the blackbird and the nightingale too, as were classed are members of the thrush family, but now have been reclassified as members of the  Old World Flycatcher family – they usually can raise three broods of chicks a year, but some have been known to raise as many as five broods! Robins are territorial and will fight to the death, apparently, they will not enter standard nest boxes, as they like to nest in open-fronted boxes, and mealworms are their favourite food. (Available separately in our shop or on our website too)...

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Wheat Free Wild Bird Food

Laverock Bird food No wheat WBF 1

Wheat Free/No Wheat Wild Bird Food This is one of our most popular wild bird foods, mainly because all the seeds contained in this food are suitable for most of smaller birds that you will see in your garden, and hopefully attract to your feeder. Its loved by blue tits, robins, goldfinches, thrushes, blackbirds and many more (well those are the birds we see eating it in our garden on a regular basis!) Wheat is in lots of cheaper wild bird foods you will see in Budget supermarkets or the Cheaper stores, its primarily used as a filler as it is the cheapest ingredient in most wild bird foods ,although some of the ones I investigated (yes we do look at what competitors are up to!) contain 95% wheat.  Some birds will eat wheat and love to do so, including pheasants and pigeons, but they leave a mess and then the...

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Do your garden birds have a deluxe lifestyle?

Laverock Bird food Deluxe wild bird food 1

Once upon a Time there was a farmer who made and sold pigeon corns and decided to try his hand at making wild bird foods, yes that’s us and if you’ve read the ‘About Us’ section on our website then you will know all about how it started and that we began our mixing using a cement mixer ( a clean new one), and  how we’ve moved on from there  and what we do here on our farm and in the shop and wholesale section too. Deluxe Wild Bird food was the first mix we made, we have refined and tweaked it over the years but its still a great food and fabulous value for money. As people’s interest has increased and more and more seeds are introduced into bird foods to attract different birds to your garden or feeder this entry level bird food is still as popular as it...

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Pheasants galore

IMG 7620

It’s been a while since I posted a blog, life just seems to get in the way doesn’t it? We had our Pumpkin picking last month which was really successful and people really enjoyed visiting our farm to Pick their own pumpkins, as it was our first year and a trial really, we had underestimated just how popular the event would be and amazingly, we sold out on our first weekend. We had so much positive feedback from the event that we have decided to do it all again next year, only this time we will be planting more pumpkins to hopefully keep up with demand, and Covid permitting, we will be able to offer more than just pumpkin picking. Many of you will also know that I have acquired two donkeys, Tom and Jerry, who are settling into farm life really well and are enjoying their new life immensely. They’re...

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June's Flying through

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The month of June has seen a definite change in the weather, at last we have had rain although the temperatures have dropped somewhat too. The birds in our garden must have had rather a shock to their systems, although the colder weather has meant that the grass and plants have sprung away, and everything seems to have ‘greened up’ massively.  The fledgling birds have been lining up at our feeders, enjoying the chance to feed themselves along with their mums and dads, I’ve especially enjoyed seeing some of our resident blue tits bringing their new babies to our bird table.  They are lovely little balls of fluff and are so lively and noisy too, I expect their mums and dads are glad that they’re off so they can enjoy some peace until they raise their next brood. We’re not too busy on the farm itself, although crops must be walked...

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Farmsolation Week 5

Field Easter

No, he’s not praying, but multi-tasking.  We were off on our walk on Easter Sunday, another lovely day during these strangest of times, and Chris decided he needed to check the newly sown crops to see if they had germinated.  I hate to say it, but we could do with a good shower of rain to set them off. This time when it rains, I hope it remembers when to stop, unlike last Autumn/Winter when we seemed to have rain every day from September.  The dogs follow Chris everywhere and only seem to obey me when he’s not around, other than that I’m relegated – they both adore him which I think the picture shows, plus the fact that mobile phones can find you anywhere…. There is no escape! We walked miles and saw lots of wildlife and birdlife too, the hedges are in bloom and nature seems to be carrying...

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Farmsolation Week 3


I’m not sure if we are adapting to this ‘staying at home’, or its just become more habit forming. Things seem to have slowed up from the initial panic in our shop and the same on the wholesale side. People are back with their regular orders - although we are seeing a lot of new faces in the shop, plus lots of our older customers are sending other family members or kind neighbours to collect their chicken foods, dog foods etc. I’m so impressed with our customers who are happy to respect the social distancing regulations we have had to put into place in the shop. We can still put items into your cars, but the One-in-One-out rule has been implemented for the safety of our customers and staff too, so thank you all for your patience and humour, too. Its so lovely to know that so many are still feeding...

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On your marks, get set, Birdwatch

birds 3414243 340

There’s so much flying around now regarding bird watching & The Great British Bird Watch (January 27th-29th), but we do hope that you don’t just watch them on these days! Our British Wild Birds bring such joy to peoples lives who get so much enjoyment out of feeding and watching them that it would be such a shame to only bother for this occasion. I get it that its great to log what you can see in your garden, or wherever you choose to do your birdwatch - in the park , in a wood, or even outside your window at work. Although, here at Laverock Hall, we hope that it’s like a dog isn’t just for Xmas, it’s for life, and so feeding and watching the birds should be a part of your life too, not just for these 2 days! In order to encourage as many birds to count...

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Easter Eggs

Blue Tit

Easter is a time of lambs, chicks & chocolate according to the TV adverts! We love to see the new born lambs springing along in the bright green grass alongside their mums & baby chicks & ducklings tootling along with their mums, plus the flowers, especially daffodils bursting into life & cheering us all up after a long drab Winter. The Easter eggs we are most interested in are the type that the birds are laying & the significance of that new life form that will be produced, and how we can help them all along. We have supported the birds all Winter and they seem to have come through pretty unscathed, unlike last year when we all had to contend with the ‘Beast from the East’ and the cold Spring that came so late before we were indulged with one of the hottest Summers on record. It truly was a...

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Get Stocked Up!

hampstead wildlife 3140691k

We've had some very busy weeks recently with more to come until the big day is finally here. Thankfully, the farmwork is mostly completed at this time of the year, so we can concentrate on our Bird Foods. We’re busy manufacturing Wild Bird Foods, Pigeon Corns, Chicken Foods, stocking the shop, as well as delivering to our trade customers and preparing courier orders for the website too! So, it’s a hands-on busy time. We even had to house a couple of geese overnight until they could be collected to go to their new home, they’re pets not Xmas dinners, before you ask.  The wild birds visiting our bird table and feeders in our garden are many and varied at this time of year but they seem to visit by species for feeding, we will get a batch of sparrows, then some blue tits, then the pigeons come along for a feed,...

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Baby Boom

Bird box 2

Those of you who feed the birds, and thankfully there are many of us, will have noticed that your feeders are being emptied more quickly and that there are more smaller birds visiting your feeders and bird tables too. This is the time of year that our garden birds have juveniles which are ready to leave the nests; they are able to fly for short distances and are shown where the best food sources are by their parents, which is usually our garden bird tables and feeders. We have noticed some small balls of fluff, identified as baby blue tits waiting patiently near the feeders and watching carefully what mum and dad are showing them. As these youngsters are easy prey until they get older and wiser, and hopefully they will live to get older there are a few ways in which we can help them without too much trouble to...

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