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Wheat Free Wild Bird Food

Laverock Bird food No wheat WBF 1

Wheat Free/No Wheat Wild Bird Food

This is one of our most popular wild bird foods, mainly because all the seeds contained in this food are suitable for most of smaller birds that you will see in your garden, and hopefully attract to your feeder. Its loved by blue tits, robins, goldfinches, thrushes, blackbirds and many more (well those are the birds we see eating it in our garden on a regular basis!)

Wheat is in lots of cheaper wild bird foods you will see in Budget supermarkets or the Cheaper stores, its primarily used as a filler as it is the cheapest ingredient in most wild bird foods ,although some of the ones I investigated (yes we do look at what competitors are up to!) contain 95% wheat.  Some birds will eat wheat and love to do so, including pheasants and pigeons, but they leave a mess and then the subsequent seeds that are left grow under the feeders leave your garden looking like a wilderness.   The fact that most birds will reject the wheat in favour of the other seeds means that the wasted wheat can attract unwanted visitors to your garden, including rodents.                                                                                                                                                                           

Our wheat free wild bird food has many ingredients to attract the smaller birds into your garden. It includes, black sunflowers, red & white dari, red and white millet seeds, groats, canary seed, niger seed, cut maize and oilseed rape too.  These specially selected seeds are loved by blue tits, finches, robins, thrushes, sparrows, and many more of the smaller garden birds.

This high energy mix is made here on our farm by Chris and the team and as it contains no wheat it’s a great value for money bird food too, you are only paying for high value seeds totally suited to your garden birds. If you’re wondering where you can get this amazing bird foods it is available in our shop in 5kg and 15kg bags, plus it is available from some local pet shops that we wholesale to and a few garden centres in the North East, but we can also courier it to your door too for a small charge, or postage free when you spend over £60.


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