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Pheasants galore

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It’s been a while since I posted a blog, life just seems to get in the way doesn’t it? We had our Pumpkin picking last month which was really successful and people really enjoyed visiting our farm to Pick their own pumpkins, as it was our first year and a trial really, we had underestimated just how popular the event would be and amazingly, we sold out on our first weekend. We had so much positive feedback from the event that we have decided to do it all again next year, only this time we will be planting more pumpkins to hopefully keep up with demand, and Covid permitting, we will be able to offer more than just pumpkin picking.

Many of you will also know that I have acquired two donkeys, Tom and Jerry, who are settling into farm life really well and are enjoying their new life immensely. They’re such characters and love human company and carrots too. They’re stabled now for the Winter and will be put in the field next Spring so watch out for photos of the two donkey boys.

The crop work was stopped by the incessant rain we seemed to have in late October, we were unable to get the last of our crops sown so we have had to rearrange plans and different crops will be planted in the Spring, there’s still plenty of work to be going on with , as well as the making of bird foods which we do all year around.

On the bird food front, we have thankfully eventually received our consignment of our green bags. These were ordered in April and we just ran out of stocks in late October so have been using plain white bags. I know that the bird food is the same, but the warehouse and shop look so much better to me when our shelves are all stocked with our trademark Green bags.

Since the clocks changed the birds have been much more regularly to visit our bird table and feeders, the blue tits, bullfinches and even trusty old mega pigeon have been much more visible from the window as they’re feeding much more often, even our resident pheasant who used to visit in the evenings has been seen twice a day with his two wives and this morning we had three cock pheasants in the garden as you can see by my photo. They’re enjoying the dropped seeds from the feeder where I’ve been using our Laverock High energy foods to give the birds a bit of a boost in this colder weather, I’ve put the link at the bottom of this page if you’d like to try that food for your birds.

Lockdown No 2 continues but our shop and website are still available so you can still obtain our bird foods, even if you aren’t able to come into our shop. Stay safe everyone and thank you for continuing to support our family business, it’s really appreciated.


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