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Robyn’s favourite mix: Robin and Songbird

Robin no waste or RASB

We all love robins in the UK, don’t we? Some of us love them so much we have a family member named after them, don’t we (Robyn, our daughter!)?  Robins were voted our national bird in 1960 and people seem to really love having them in their gardens, even though they’re feisty and bossy little birds.

They’re related to the blackbird and the nightingale too, as were classed are members of the thrush family, but now have been reclassified as members of the  Old World Flycatcher family – they usually can raise three broods of chicks a year, but some have been known to raise as many as five broods!

Robins are territorial and will fight to the death, apparently, they will not enter standard nest boxes, as they like to nest in open-fronted boxes, and mealworms are their favourite food. (Available separately in our shop or on our website too)  They are also omnivorous, meaning that they will eat everything from fruit to spiders, so adding all those factors up, if you have a robin in your garden you are rather lucky as they seem to be very choosy!

With all these facts now buzzing around in our heads that I’m sure most of you knew about robins already, I’d like to let you know about our Robin and Songbird food.

Chris developed our Robin and Songbird food a couple of years ago and it has proved to be popular with those of you who have many of the smaller birds who visit your gardens, including robins, it’s a very high energy wild bird food and contains many luxury foods that they love, including sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, cut maize, mealworms and raisins as well as suet pellets too.

This luxury mix is also husk free so should mean less mess on the ground although the birds in our garden make a mess picking through the seeds until they find the ones they prefer to eat!

It’s a mix that is suitable for bird tables, feeders or ground feeding, PS blackbirds love the raisins too.

We’re hoping that our resident robin stays all year and manages to raise a few broods of these amazing birds in our garden, I will try to get some photos but they seem to be rather shy, or busy chasing off the blue tits or sparrows  from the feeders.

If you'd like to buy some here's the link


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