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Farmsolation Week 3

I’m not sure if we are adapting to this ‘staying at home’, or its just become more habit forming. Things seem to have slowed up from the initial panic in our shop and the same on the wholesale side. People are back with their regular orders - although we are seeing a lot of new faces in the shop, plus lots of our older customers are sending other family members or kind neighbours to collect their chicken foods, dog foods etc. I’m so impressed with our customers who are happy to respect the social distancing regulations we have had to put into place in the shop. We can still put items into your cars, but the One-in-One-out rule has been implemented for the safety of our customers and staff too, so thank you all for your patience and humour, too.Its so lovely to know that so many are still feeding the...
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Farmsolation Week 2

I think it has been the most bizarre week ever - the shop has been unbelievably busy with people stocking up on dog and chicken foods mainly, but also pigeon and wild bird foods. We have had some laughs among the stressful days, people’s humour has shone through rather than sadness or anger but in these uncertain times its so lovely to see the best of people rather than the worst that has been seen in supermarket queues and fighting over loaves of bread and toilet roll.It is so true that our lives have been turned upside down and will remain so for several weeks or months, especially if the social distancing measures put in place by the Government aren’t adhered to and people continue to crowd to our lovely beaches and countryside. I did mention how sad it is that the coronavirus has invaded our daily lives when the sun...
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IMG 1239
Sadly, there’s not a lot of good news around at the moment and these are certainly worrying times for us all. Sky News is full of scary updates from all over the world as we are caught up in the Coronavirus pandemic with life as we know it being very restricted and many more changes ahead.Working from home or being in isolation from family and friends is challenging and can be very different for the whole family. We have two daughters who usually live away from home because of work they are both at home here on the farm now, along with Chris and me plus George, our son.  Add to the mix our two dogs and cats and that’s a lot of mouths to feed, extra toilet rolls and opportunities for arguments over the smallest things which I’m sure most of you will be familiar with – the pressure of...
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Pause for Thought

blog pic 29.5.19
Chris & I have been out in the pickup, (with the dogs too obviously) down the fields to feed the hedgerow birds, and we were both remarking on how calm the weather is today & how there might actually be a light at the end of a very long and wet Winter tunnel we have been in since mid-September with all of the wet, windy and extreme conditions we have all endured.While we were on our way down the track Radio 2 ,Pause for Thought was on, a portion of the show where visiting contributors from a variety of faiths have a segment where they talk about life, their faith and everyday life. I listen if I’m in the car usually and today seemed so poignant. The contributor (I don’t know his name) mentioned about how we are all surrounded by nature but lots of us are oblivious or ignore it....
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Are Pigeons the best, or just a bird table pest?

homing pigeon racing domestic latin 260nw 1281771832
Do you have pigeons in your life? I think we all do, love them or loathe them we usually see them on a regular basis, either in the park, at your bird table, or maybe you are a fancy pigeon enthusiast or keep racing pigeons.We sell many types of pigeon corns, for the ones on your bird table, in the park or the amazing racing pigeons that are kept like thoroughbred horses ,fed on the best and treated like royalty. Until I joined Chris in the company I had no idea of the technicalities of feeding & looking after racing pigeons ( I still have much to learn), and the lengths the owners go to keep these birds in peak condition with training flights, feeding & worming programmes & even selecting when they breed(and who with!)The pigeons we are talking about can change hands for tens of thousands of pounds ,...
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On your marks, get set, Birdwatch

birds 3414243 340
There’s so much flying around now regarding bird watching & The Great British Bird Watch (January 27th-29th), but we do hope that you don’t just watch them on these days! Our British Wild Birds bring such joy to peoples lives who get so much enjoyment out of feeding and watching them that it would be such a shame to only bother for this occasion. I get it that its great to log what you can see in your garden, or wherever you choose to do your birdwatch - in the park , in a wood, or even outside your window at work. Although, here at Laverock Hal, we hope that it’s like a dog isn’t just for Xmas, it’s for life, and so feeding and watching the birds should be a part of your life too, not just for these 2 days!In order to encourage as many birds to count as...
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From little acorns

Old Year, New Year, its that interim time when you don’t know what day it is, where you need to be but hopefully enjoy the relaxing time before the New Year gears up and off we all go again.I put some photos of our project on our Facebook page this morning but thought I’d explain a bit more what we’re up to, hence this post.You’ll all remember that we started a woodland and pond project early last year on the farm. It had been in the pipeline for a while, but we got started planting trees and it all started taking shape early last year. I uploaded photos of the little trees on earlier blogs, with their biodegradable covers to protect them, the newly dug pond and the impressive deer fence, which will be taken down once the trees are established, we hope this will be done in about 5 years’...
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Watch the birdie

IMG 5607 2
 Some of you might have seen me and Chris in the article in the Newcastle Journal on Saturday, pictured next to our new pond at our newly planted nature reserve.  I put a link there from our Facebook page too, so if you follow us you may already have seen and read all about this.Its great to have some publicity for our new venture and many thanks to Angela who took the photos, and had her photo taken by me (pictured here) and Keith who wrote the article. The pictures were taken on a rather blustery day, and we had to abandon the pickup as the route was so wet and walk rather a long way so rather than thinking I’d look windswept and rather like a Barbour advert, instead I look short and rather bedraggled!The area is coming on so well, we have ordered more trees for a small area...
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Its not about the money

Rog 4
It never ever was about the money. Those of us born into farming know that making money in farming is never a given, yes you can sometimes make money, but the weather often has other ideas and throws some unbelievable extremes our way. Imagine planting all your crops to be harvested next year, they’re looking good and then it starts to rain, and rain, and rain. That is exactly what has happened this Autumn and its not looking like its going to stop any time soon. “You can always plant again in the Spring, can’t you?” Yes, we can plant again, but imagine the financial toll of buying more seed, ripping up the rotting plants from the Autumn sowing, working the land and then planting again. Its not just about the money, it’s the physical and mental toll it takes on you too.Imagine doing all of this and not knowing if...
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Floods of Opportunities

pumpkin 4540291 340
No one has escaped the floods; it feels like it has rained since September and with a long Winter ahead of us it’s going to be ‘Wellie Weather’ for a long time ahead. The weather was so bad that we were unable to plant next year’s crops so the seed has had to be put aside for next Autumn, and we will plant other varieties in the Spring, if it ever dries up!We were bothered that we were unable to plant the crops we hoped but as things have turned out, with the weather we have had the poor seedlings might have rotted off anyway so maybe it’s for the best that we have only planted some fields. If all goes according to plan, we hope to plant a totally new crop which could interest our readers when it comes to being harvested. Have I got you interested yet, well I...
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Food for Thought

no wheat wbf
I’ve just done a Facebook post about differing qualities of Wild Bird Foods and thought I’d do a blog post about it too.I was recently approached by a customer who told me that a local bargain shop was selling great Wild Bird Food at just £3.99 for a 12.6kg bag. This I had to see, I trotted off to our local ‘Bargain’ store to check out said Wild Bird Food. It was in an attractive bag with a clear part so you could see exactly what you were buying, wheat!, yes mostly wheat, I would approximate that it was about 90% wheat with some cut maize, black sunflowers and very few suet pellets. The label claimed that this food is specifically aimed for putting in feeders to attract smaller birds, including robins. Admittedly they will eat the suet pellets and the cut maize, but much of this food would be useful...
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Aniseedy secrets

1D80841100000578 0 image m 44 1426463097312
A lot of people who read my blog are avid wild bird twitchers, however, a lot of our sales come from our racing pigeon foods, too. In fact, the inspiration for our most popular bird food came from this industry. Many people know the story of our humble beginnings with making bird food mixes from friends, and it’s at this point that Chris learnt that aniseed oil is a great way of attracting pigeons back to their nest boxes, and that the liquorice/aniseed smell is delicious.This is why we coat some of our pigeon mixes in the oil, including the aptly named ‘trapping’ mix, to make sure those pigeons are trapped in the quickest time they can be! Pigeons are, in their tastes, very similar to a lot of the wild birds in this respect, we have added aniseed oil into the no waste wild bird food and found that people...
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Is it over yet?

3918 robyn blog
I think everyone knows how stressful it can be for farmers at this time of year, and people are very appreciative for the most part. I thought it would be fun to write a post of the top 5 typical harvest mishaps that make Chris’s hair end up more grey every year!I don’t remember a year that a combine, tractor or something else hasn’t broken down in a vital place or time!Just because he is working long and strange hours does not stop us from selling our bird foods at normal times in the day.The food that I’ve made never tastes quite as good once it’s been sitting on the stove for 5 hours! Although, I know he would never complain!!Going from busy to not busy just because of a little rain – I don’t think there’s too many jobs that would make you wait 3 days until you can start...
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Thistle be a butterfly invasion

Painted lady
They’re here!!! – a once every 10-year migration of Painted Lady Butterflies, and we have seen them in our new eco project and woodland, how amazing is that?I had no idea about this until I looked it up when we got home, all I knew was that as we walked the dogs around there were clouds of these beautiful butterflies hovering over our heads and landing on the thistles. I can honestly say that I have never seen so many butterflies in one place at any one time and am totally in awe that they decided to visit us. My photo is lousy, but we decided to just enjoy the situation rather than worry about getting the best photo possible.Apparently, these tiny butterflies fly at speeds of up to 30 mph and at a height of 1km to reach our shores from Africa en route to the Arctic Circle, a trip...
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Have you got a bully in your garden?

bullfinch 1399055 340
Have you got a bully on your feeder?Now, we are not here to discuss birds and wildlife that bully others off their perch today, but more to talk about the favourite of my regular visitors – the bullfinch! The male can be easily spotted by a blue-grey back and bright rose-pink breast, belly and cheeks, whereas the female is more pinkish and brown.Whilst looking outside at the glorious weather of late I realised that I may love to look at them, and yet know very little about them in comparison to many other animals, wild or tame. Of course, known as wild birds in the UK they were once a popular cage bird too, probably before we began to bring parrots and other exotics. They would even imitate like parrots – perhaps a lot smarter than would be thought of this small red-bellied bird. These stout birds are also known to be...
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Floods & Finches

bullfinch 1399055 340
What a week weather wise! I don’t know if you’ve had floods, freezing temperatures, driving wind & rain where you live, but we certainly have up here in Northumberland. The crops are soggy and battered whereas last year they were droughted off and suffering with extreme heat. We’re hoping that the weather will stabilise a little this week so we can make our haylage crop for Winter horse fodder for our Livery stables, but there again we hoped we could do that three weeks ago.The gardens are so green & the water baths for the birds most definitely have not needed filling, although the keeping the feeders filled has been a constant job. I’ve been watching soggy little sparrows just out of the nest lining up at our bird table (thankfully a covered one) being shown by the adult where the easiest grub is. The poor birds were struggling to fly...
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Is the grass always greener?

blog pic 29.5.19
Come for a walk he said. How romantic I thought, but how wrong could I be. My first indication should have been when I wasn’t allowed to take our 2 dogs. Into the pickup we went, strange when we were supposed to be going for a walk. When we got to an outlying field, I found out why I had been invited for a walk. Blackgrass. One word but it can mean ruin to cereal crops.Last year Chris found a rogue patch of Blackgrass which appeared in the corner of a field, he rogued it which means walking up and down the rows, pulling out the rogue grass, by the root and then burning it well away from other crops. As it had been raining it was apparently an ideal evening to check for blackgrass as the rain would mean that the grass would be easier to pull out and not...
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Podcasts and Pigeons

robyn deluxe
This is a first for the family; Robyn has been interviewed for a Podcast called Rock & Roll Farming run by the lovely Will Evans, a farming journalist with Farmers Weekly & also a farmer. He heard about Robyn from the article she did for Farmers Guardian last year, in which she talked openly about coping with epilepsy whilst living on a farm and the difficulties that can arise. One such problem being that we live in an isolated place, and so isn’t on a bus route – this makes it a real difficulty for her to get out independently. All things that most of us take for granted, like being able to lock the bathroom door (we have no locks on our bathroom in case Robyn has a seizure, so we can reach her quickly), or not going to parties and clubs with strobe lighting due to the fact she...
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Packaging Nightmare

We have had our Internet shop for about 5 years and have sent out countless bags of our Bird foods all over the UK. Our woven polypropylene bags transport amazingly well and we are really proud that we are ‘doing our bit’ for the environment as our bags are recyclable, and indeed we have seen them used for a number of imaginative projects after they are emptied, growing strawberries, potatoes, fishing boat floats and even clothes for a recycling project!We have now been told by our couriers that if we don’t wish to incur extra charges for a ‘non standard parcel’ we have to put our bags into boxes so they can be processed more easily through the ‘hub’sysytem. I have argued and pleaded with the agents, but they are immovable on this, unless we box up our bags, we will incur a £5 per parcel surcharge. We certainly aren’t happy...
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Easter Eggs

Blue Tit
Easter is a time of lambs, chicks & chocolate according to the TV adverts! We love to see the new born lambs springing along in the bright green grass alongside their mums & baby chicks & ducklings tootling along with their mums, plus the flowers, especially daffodils bursting into life & cheering us all up after a long drab Winter.The Easter eggs we are most interested in are the type that the birds are laying & the significance of that new life form that will be produced, and how we can help them all along. We have supported the birds all Winter and they seem to have come through pretty unscathed, unlike last year when we all had to contend with the ‘Beast from the East’ and the cold Spring that came so late before we were indulged with one of the hottest Summers on record. It truly was a year...
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