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Pumpkin Success

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Wow. Just wow. We are absolutely overwhelmed with the people that came out to come pumpkin picking today! We lost count of how many smiling kiddies and laughing parents we saw who had ‘only come for one’ and left with half a dozen!

Chris grew varieties of pumpkins that would be accessible to all ages, from the tiny mini ones for younger years, to the beautiful sleek white ones for displays, and the massive ones for everyone – because who doesn’t love a huge pumpkin?

All our family unit are involved. Chris and George were sorting the car parking and helping as much as possible, I was on the patch explaining the varieties, Robyn was on the till (and entertaining children in muddy puddles) and Lydia was jumping between every group where help was needed. It’s so lovely for our family unit to help so many other family units. In the year of COVID 19 it just seemed so much more important.

It was so busy today, but I think everyone got what they wanted! One little girl was just over the moon to be out and about as she had been isolating for 2 weeks, and that made us smile – after being stuck in for 2 weeks what could be better than a mucky trip to a farm?

We made sure not to charge too much (our biggest pumpkins are £2) so that people could get a bag full – and we may all be really tired today, but we’re also really looking forward to welcoming another crazy group of wild children loose into our orange muddy field tomorrow.

It’s a shame that the weather means we will probably finish for the year tomorrow afternoon, but that gives us 53 whole week s to prep for next Halloween – roll on October 2021.

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