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A Spooky Surprise

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We’ve been keeping quite a big secret for a while now, with an emphasis on big – you could even call it… giant. Last year, as you’ll remember, we had an absolute blast doing our pick your own pumpkin festival, and we are so excited to be doing it again. Of course, that isn’t the secret (or if it is, then we’re terrible with secrets), our secret is that we’ve been growing some Atlantic Giant pumpkins in our massive commercial polytunnel! We didn’t want to announce it until the plant was mature and was definitely going to produce a pumpkin, you never do know with farming, and we were very sad when our sunflowers didn’t grow last year! We never can just do normal things at Laverock Hall, my husband thinks he’s a maverick, and I think he’s a madman, but we digress! This pumpkin is going to get so large...

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Pumpkin Success

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Wow. Just wow. We are absolutely overwhelmed with the people that came out to come pumpkin picking today! We lost count of how many smiling kiddies and laughing parents we saw who had ‘only come for one’ and left with half a dozen! Chris grew varieties of pumpkins that would be accessible to all ages, from the tiny mini ones for younger years, to the beautiful sleek white ones for displays, and the massive ones for everyone – because who doesn’t love a huge pumpkin? All our family unit are involved. Chris and George were sorting the car parking and helping as much as possible, I was on the patch explaining the varieties, Robyn was on the till (and entertaining children in muddy puddles) and Lydia was jumping between every group where help was needed. It’s so lovely for our family unit to help so many other family units. In the...

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Lockdown just got spooky

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Another week at home for all of us, although it isn't out of the ordinary for us! From all of us at Laverock Hall, we hope you are coping well and beginning to see the bright side of lockdown. Chris has been waiting with bated breath for a delivery that has arrived this morning, and it has created some palpable excitement within the house (as can be seen from Walter, pictured). This is our first and only delivery of pumpkin seeds from the USA! Walter isn’t too sure yet, however the seed packets themselves became a perfect blanket for his fluffy legs, and I’m certain he’ll enjoy a frolic in a new crop! This year, we are hoping to open a pick your own pumpkins to the public, and the final piece of our puzzle has finally arrived – hurrah!! The next step in the process is just to pray for a...

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