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Packaging Nightmare


We have had our Internet shop for about 5 years and have sent out countless bags of our Bird foods all over the UK. Our woven polypropylene bags transport amazingly well and we are really proud that we are ‘doing our bit’ for the environment as our bags are recyclable, and indeed we have seen them used for a number of imaginative projects after they are emptied, growing strawberries, potatoes, fishing boat floats and even clothes for a recycling project!

We have now been told by our couriers that if we don’t wish to incur extra charges for a ‘non standard parcel’ we have to put our bags into boxes so they can be processed more easily through the ‘hub’sysytem. I have argued and pleaded with the agents, but they are immovable on this, unless we box up our bags, we will incur a £5 per parcel surcharge. We certainly aren’t happy about this but to continue to send our produce throughout the UK we must comply with ‘the rules’. I know that most people hate ‘overpackaging’ and indeed I’m one of them, but we have been forced to comply. I have contacted several other couriers and they all have similar rules and guidelines so unfortunately there is no way out of this. If anyone has any helpful suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them.

Our prices were due to be increased because of golbal ingredient costs and we always try to keep these to a minimum but now we have these new box costs incurred too. Please appreciate that this excess packaging is not our wish but simply the rules we need to follow to be able to send you out our goods. I am sourcing cardboard boxes from our UK bag manufacturer so at least I am hopefully helping to keep a UK company afloat too.

Don’t forget , if you are able to call into our shop to buy your bird foods you will be able to save on all courier costs, although I appreciate that for some this is not a viable option, but we are doing our best to keep price increases to a minimum and buying from a family business you are supporting our farming family as well as the birdies . Thank you all, we salute you.

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