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What a lovely surprise to find out that Robyn is the cover photo for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution’s Winter edition of their magazine, using the photo I took on my iPhone.  It was taken outside our house when we took some pictures to promote our Wild Bird Food & for a bit of a laugh before she went back to University for her 3rd Year.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) is a long-standing agricultural charity and the work they do, without shouting about it at all, is amazing. It’s mainly used to support the countryside, farmers and their families as well as all things rural. We needed them to confirm that Robyn lives in a rural location and isn’t able to drive to support her application for her Personal Independence Payments for her epilepsy.  This money isn’t a lot, but as we don’t live on any bus routes or are easily accessible it means that Robyn can now maintain her independence and doesn’t have to rely on us for lifts all of the time. As a young person who’s trying to be self-sufficient it’s important for her and her sanity to be able to go to places and visit her friends by herself.

Robyn contacted the RABI herself and they were such a great help to her that when she was awarded her benefits, she asked the RABI if she could do anything to support and thank them. They requested that she be interviewed and explain how they had helped her, in case there were other young people who might need help and not know that what was available, but we never thought that she would make the cover of their magazine!

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