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Phew, welcome to 2019. Let’s hope that you all had a lovely Xmas and New Year and that all is back to normal in your households. We had a lovely rest, enjoyed spending time with friends and family, walked the dogs and generally recharged our batteries ready for the challenges of 2019.

Our shop has reopened today and is fully stocked up, we are back in full production making our hen corns, pigeon foods and wild bird foods, ready for you to give your birds the best possible nutrition at prices that make you happy too.

We have been interviewed for a farming magazine with Robyn, our youngest daughter. The magazine was initially interested in her story about how she coped with her epilepsy while living on a farm with the related challenges of not being able to drive etc, but they also interviewed Chris and me about our Bird food business. We are apparently quite rare in the farming world as they only knew of one other farm who has a diversification into making bird foods, and theirs is a vast commercial enterprise, not a family run and more personal affair. This was rather a surprise to be interviewed and photographed but I will be able to let you know more after it has been published.

Today has been much colder than the weather of late and it has been evident by the frenzied activity at the bird table outside the kitchen window. The blue tits and our resident robin have been munching steadily, then at least ten sparrows moved in for their feed, swiftly followed by our wood pigeons who seem to eat until they can’t fly! The Laverock No Waste Wild Bird Food I’m using this week is going down a storm, the feeders are being emptied at rather an alarming rate today so I’m thinking that maybe the forecasters are right and much colder weather is on its way.  

Chris has been down the fields too, daily feeding the hedgerow birds and checking on them, and the wildlife too. Frank the Hungarian Vizsla goes with him as its his ‘job’ and now young Walter goes too. Walter is 17 weeks old and Frank is loving being Big Brother but having Walter follow him everywhere is also rather irritating too I’m sure, so sometimes Chris just takes Frank to give him a break from babysitting and having his ears chewed by the puppy.

Please please keep your feeders filled at this time of year and look after the birds, they really need our help and support in these colder temperatures. Thank you

Cover Girl

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