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Hot Harvest 2018

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And so it begins, Harvest 2018 in the most unusual year of our farming lives. After the Beast from the East in March 2018 we are now experiencing the hottest summer since records began if this hot season keeps up throughout August.

We have begun by cutting the Winter barley, then Winter oats which were a very dry and crisp crop which is mostly droughted off but we will get what crop there is and it most certainly will not need to be dried as I’m sure there is so little moisture in the grain that it will be fried to a crisp.

We use the same farming contractor every year and his new combine is fitted with tracks as you can possibly see by the photos, although I don’t think that they will be needed this year like in other years when we have been almost flooded out!

The cutting of the oat crop will be followed by cutting the oilseed rape then the wheat crop, followed by the Spring sown Barley and then we will start the task of ploughing the land , then preparing the seed bed for sowing the crops over again for next year’s harvest, sounds all too easy doesn’t it?

Our bird food production is still ongoing and the wholesale and retail is as busy as ever so it will be all hands helping with any task required for the next 6-8 weeks so please bear with us if you are stuck behind us on a road or trying to get through to us on the phone, this really is our busy season and we thank you all for your support and patience.

Can I please ask you all to put out fresh water in your gardens, not only for the birds but also any wildlife that may be struggling with these exceptional temperatures, just a shallow dish that’s easily accessible for hedgehogs or smaller birds or creatures and filled regularly if possible. Our garden has been visited regularly by hedgehogs and is being patrolled by Jeffrey the stray cat who is paying for his keep by mousing in the farmyard but thankfully seems to be ignoring my garden birds, long may that last or I will be having words with that young man!

And Breathe
Help for racing pigeons in the hot weather

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