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Help for racing pigeons in the hot weather


Pigeon Racing season is in full swing at the moment and with the unusually high temperatures we are experiencing the pigeons are being really challenged and many of them need to rest and recuperate before they find their way home. I thought that some of you may often have racing pigeons visiting your gardens and feeders and would maybe welcome advice as to what to do if you found an injured or exhausted bird.

We have even had pigeons brought into our shop and managed to contact the Pigeon Association to reunite the owners with their birds which are often very valuable. We once had a pigeon land on George’s tractor one harvest time which he nicknamed Mort and we nursed him back to health and got him back to his owner too!

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association advises to give the bird seeds or crushed cornflakes and some water in a deep dish but please DO NOT GIVE BREAD to a racing pigeon, once it has fed and watered it will usually be on its way and we are advised to only feed it for 48 hours after which it can find its own source of food and water. The pigeon might stay for more than seven days, resting on a roof or in a tree but it will not complete its journey if food is readily available.

If the bird is injured it will need assistance & if it can be caught and contained in a cardboard box it can then be examined more closely. If the pigeon is a racing pigeon it will have rings on its leg, these contain identification numbers and often the telephone number of the owner.

If you have the pigeons registration number you can call the RPRA on 01452713529 and if you give them your e mail address you will receive an automated e mail with the contact details of the owner and they can hopefully be reunited! 

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