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Dry January began a few years back in 2015 and is a great way of keeping healthy after a, perhaps, boozy festive period! This year a few official bodies have been encouraging ‘Veganuary’ to ask people to try and be vegan for one month. This may not be our cup of tea down on the farm, but one initiative we can get behind is the vegan mentality of looking out for the great outdoors and the wildlife within it – is the Laverock Hall lifestyle becoming fashionable?

As some of you may know, myself and Chris are often spotted down fields and hedgerows spilling bird foods around in the cold weather to make sure our feathered friends are eating well, and to check up on our prickly friends and those with fluffy tails! Venganuary might be quite a tough challenge to keep up, and it might be a large lifestyle choice that maybe doesn’t seem extremely attractive to you (tea without milk? Barbaric!).

Veganism is defined as “a philosophy, lifestyle and set of principles not simply a diet. This lifestyle is projected to provide numerous benefits to animals, the environment and our health”

That is why we are encouraging all of you who love the outdoors to maybe put up a new feeder, or go for a walk near to your home with a scoop of our birdseed so that you might not change your eating habit, but you can certainly feel good about yourself – and get healthier while you’re doing it! One of our bestsellers is our no wheat wild bird food, which means that there will be nothing growing if any of the yummy seeds are left behind by the birds. This is really great for people who maybe don’t want crops popping up in your garden or local area!

January is always about becoming healthy, but maybe put the running shoes down and pick up a bag of bird food to make sure you’re helping everyone!


RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2019
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