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How to make a simple Bird Feeder

plastic bottle bird feeder

The nights seem to be closing in very quickly and although we have had very warm weather this week, the colder weather is just around the corner, and the birds will be looking for more food to keep them warm throughout the colder temperatures.   It is almost the school Half Term Holidays l too, and If you are looking for a project  to entertain children or grandchildren then this could be a great family activity  for you all  which is relatively cheap, involves recycling and also feeds the birds and is educational too. Here are my instructions; 

How to make a simple bird feeder

You will need

1.An empty plastic bottle, any size is fine, remember though that it will weigh quite heavy when filled with bird food.

2.Wooden dowels, pencils, old wooden spoons – these will be the perches

3.Wire to make a loop,  or strong twine is fine too, I have used baler twine for mine in the past.

4.Sharp knife or scissors – warning if you are doing this as a family activity – please be careful & don’t let children use sharp instruments.

5.Bird food – any type is fine, but I use Laverock hall bird foods, other bird foods are available!

Make sure that the bottle is clean and dry

Puncture some holes opposite each other, near the middle and bottom of the bottle and slide the pencils/dowels through. These should stick out enough for the birds to perch on while they feed, and be large enough for some feed to get through too.

Either attach the wire around the neck of the bottle and make a hanging loop or attach the wire or twine so that the bottle is secure but will still be able to hang safely.

Fill the bottle with bird food and then hang it from either a hook or branch.

Please don’t be upset if it takes the birds a couple of days to find and use your new feeder, they may be wary at first but I am sure that once they use it they will return time and time again.

Sit back and enjoy watching your garden birds enjoy feeding from your home made feeder!

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