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Has Spring Sprung?

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What a difference a year makes! Last year at this time we were battling the Beast from the East which lasted about 2 weeks, we were blocked in here as the snow was just drifting across our road and as it was blowing directly from the coast the snowploughs just couldn’t keep it clear and safe. The drifts were above the hedges and the landscape looked very pretty but oh so cold and rather dangerous too.

We braved the snow in the 4x4 pickup to feed the birds down the fields and I tried to video it but the wind was blowing so strongly it was almost impossible. The birds flocked from all over where they had been seeking shelter in the hedges and I’m sure they were almost starving poor things. Chris walked and poured bird food from the bags & the birds just swooped in almost over his head to feed.

Cut to a year later and it’s the calmest, sunniest February day I have known. The dog walk was an absolute pleasure and the wind was non-existent, which for here is a miracle, as its almost always windy. George is putting fertiliser on the crops and it’s a normal nearly Spring morning.

We’re very busy with our bird food manufacturing and my own bird feeders require filling at least once a day to keep the garden birdlife happy, our resident robin has been very active at the feeder of late and the sparrows seem to have brought all their friends as we have had many more of them than in previous years.

I’m using our Laverock No Waste Wild Bird Food both in the feeders and on the bird table. Its proving really popular and I know that it is one of our bestselling bird foods, both in the shop and on our website, and I can honestly see why as the birdlife seems to be positively thriving, their singing is really loud when I’m in the garden filling the feeders and topping their water up so hopefully unless we get another Beast from the East we can look forward to an early Spring.

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