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What a blast we all had with our Pumpkin Patch, and we hope that if you managed to join us that you had a good time too and managed to choose your best pumpkin (or 10 as many of you did). It was great to meet so many of you and share in making memories for so many people over the two weekends we were open, the photos of so many people in our field, on the Pumpkin Express, and on the straw bales surrounded by pumpkins was amazing.
As well as the usual pumpkins this year we grew edible squashes, these proved to be so popular, especially the blue/grey ones called Crown Prince Variety, in fact these are the ones that are used for Pumpkin Pie in the US, and lots of people have since contacted us to share recipes and photos of their culinary masterpieces, and there were rather a lot. You’re such a talented lot, we saw curries, soups, roasted squashes, risottos, pies, and lots more, perhaps we should do a cookbook and sell it in the pumpkin field next year!

The next exciting thing that happened was our daughter Robyn, who many of you saw in the pumpkin field at the checkout, won a BBC Young Reporter competition and had a feature about her on BBC Look North a couple of weeks ago. She is championing food to fork and hoping that more people will buy local, seasonal foods and hopefully this will cut down on food miles and thereby help local businesses and do our bit to save the planet too. She was filmed here on our farm with the dogs, donkeys, her pet cows and in the pumpkin field too so you may have recognised the field on tv too. I’ve added the link below if anyone would like to have a look.

The Autumn crops are all harvested and next years crops are sown too so you might think we can take a back seat until Spring and have a little rest; you’d be so wrong! We’re still busy manufacturing our bird foods and although we do this all year too as well as our farming, we’re busier throughout the Winter months both manufacturing, packaging, wholesaling, retailing, and delivering too as well as manning our shop on the mornings that its open to the public. Chris monitors the wildlife and birdlife here in the fields and hedgerows too and he’s often seen out with the dogs and several bird foods bags in the back of the pickup putting out food for the wild birds around the farm, especially when it gets colder, and the food is scarcer. He’s planted wildflower meadows around the edges of the fields, plus we’ve planted miles of new hedges and trees too all around the farm to preserve and look after the wildlife and birdlife as well as our resident bees. Let’s hope that the colder spells don’t arrive just yet as we’re enjoying milder temperatures this week, so my donkeys are allowed to stay out a while longer before they come inside to their warm winter accommodation. They’ll have indoor and outdoor space and enjoy munching on hay and watching all the goings on around the farmyard while playing with their toys, yes, they have toys, they play tug of war with wellies, they have a donated space hopper and swing their feed buckets around if they are left unattended too, so they manage to amuse themselves rather well over the Winter months.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update the blog more often now we’re indoors a bit more. Thank you all for reading about our  farm and please keep feeding those garden birds and supporting local businesses too, you really are appreciated.




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Its going to be a Spooktacular Pumpkin Season

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