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Now you see him now you don't

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We are so fortunate to live in this part of the UK where it is still possible to occasionally see Red Squirrels, we even had one in our garden last year and I managed a very quick snap of him/her from the kitchen window. I was shaking so much with excitement I am surprised it was possible to see the squirrel on the photo at all. I did share it on our facebook page and in a blog post last year. A friend of ours who lives on a neighbouring farm has been helping with the local Red Squirrel group and has managed to take some amazing photos of squirrels and other local wildlife. Take a look at his work on his website. https://www.leonsavagephotography.co.uk We are in the process of creating a specific squirrel mix because we are asked more and more for Squirrel Food as many customers have spotted squirrels...

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