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Chris has been making more of our Laverock No Waste Wild Bird Food today - the one that the seeds are coated in Aniseed Oil, lots of you comment on this food and it is one of the first ones we made and is still just as popular with our customers today,  as the birds just keep coming back and back to the feeders. It has some great high energy ingredients including sunflower hearts, safflower, groats plus cut maize, Niger seed & canary seed, cut maize & more. We call this our No Waste bird food as all of the seeds are without shells so there should be no waste in your garden. People have confused this by thinking that the seeds are no mess, ie. the seeds won't grow in the garden if they drop. For this to be the case they would have to be heat treated, sort of like microwaving them to kill the germinating part of the seed but then the seeds wouldn't be as nutritious for the birds to eat, so we don't employ this method. Hopefully the birds in your garden will eat all of the seeds so you won't have too much issue with growing seeds anyway.                                                                                                                        After mixing the bird food in our giant hopper,  it is then coated lightly with Aniseed oil, pure Aniseed oil which is over £100 per litre for us to buy from a specialised wholesaler, so your bird food really is a luxury item. Chris was one of the first people to make wild bird food coated in Aniseed oil after using it in some of the pigeon mixes we manufacture for reasons I will now explain.
Basically when pigeons have been racing and they return to the loft. in order to get their ring off speedily to get the best possible time for their race  in order to win, the pigeon is given a treat, usually called trapping mix which is lots of high energy seeds all coated in Aniseed oil which pigeons & most birds love, so they hurry back to the loft for their treat, hence the name trapping and the reason behind the method. Here at Laverock we make a fabulous Trapping mix, and Chris decided to further method by adding Aniseed oil to one of our luxury wild bird food mixes to keep the wild birds coming back and back to people's feeders, and as the birds can smell aniseed from a long distance, they should be attracted from further afield than usual to your gardens.
I hope that this has explained the No Waste title, plus the reason behind the addition of Aniseed oil to the wild bird food that has now been copied by lots of companies but I honestly think that we were the first to use aniseed in Wild Bird Food manufacture, 
Just a word of caution - the smell of Aniseed is so lovely and distinctive ,  you may attract Pernod drinkers into your garden too - its also made with Aniseed !  You can follow this link to purchase this wild bird food or if you're local why not call into our shop.  Our opening hours are on the website.
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