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Sticks & Storms

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The weather has been rather blustery here today on the farm, the remnants of #StormGareth mean that the farmyard mud has dried up but there are branches from the trees everywhere, young Walter is thrilled as he loves a stick and to prevent any accidents, he has been trained to bring them to mum in exchange for a gravy bone. This system seems to work very well, and he is now systematically clearing all sticks from our front garden when he is let out for a wee, a massive task but we are getting there, and it also helps with his training too.

The farm is quiet apart from putting fertiliser on the Winter crops, but we have been very busy in our bagging shed. Our newest ranges of caged bird feeds have been very well received and we have had to make several batches to keep up with the demand, as well as making all our Wild Bird Foods, pigeon corns, chicken foods etc so its been a busy manufacturing week after the shed was thoroughly cleaned last Friday.

The birds have paired up and seem to be preparing or even already breeding. Our feeders have been regularly visited by lots of sparrows, our resident robin, lots of beautiful blue tits and many more. I’m putting out High Energy bird food as its so cold still and the birds need extra support while they are busy so that they stay fit and healthy throughout the breeding season. It contains suet pellets and mealworms as well as sunflower hearts and much more to provide a great energy boost with a high fat content to keep the birds fit and happy without using their energies to shell sunflowers before being able to eat them. These little things all make a difference to them and we have lots of customers who feel the same. Their garden birds seem to them as precious as their house pets, I have had so many conversations or been shown photos of their birds feeding and how excited they are when they spot a new species at their feeder, it is a very worthwhile hobby but also seems to be rather addictive too, which is all good for the birdlife and wildlife too.

I recently shared a post on Facebook about keeping the hair from your dog if you groom it, as it can be put in an old fat ball feeder and hung up in the garden so the birds can use it to line their nests. I was round at our stables and collected some Winter coat that had been brushed out of my friend’s horse, Aries, so I collected that and put it in a spare feeder. It was a lovely chestnut colour so I would be able to check which birds used it when I saw their nests, but the feeder was a victim of #StormGareth so I’m assuming that the hair will all have blown away and be long gone now, never mind, I’m sure the horses will be happy to donate more of their Winter coat when they weather warms up. Let’s hope that’s soon as Spring is officially here a week today.


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