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Home made Fat Balls

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I’m sharing a blog post from our Facebook friends at Sloane & Sons, about how to make Fat Balls to feed the birds as I’m sure that lots of our customers would be interested and there are lots of parents or teachers out there who could be looking for a wildlife project just like this one for either their children at home or their class as a project.

I was going to write my own blog about this, but Sloane & Sons have very kindly allowed me to copy theirs and I’m sure you will agree that it is an informative post, and as well as saving me writing one, its also nice to be able to share. Here goes … and please don’t forget where to buy the bird food to use for your home-made fat balls, or indeed your Garden Furniture!

You can of course choose to use shop-bought fat balls, but the reality is that often these aren't as good for the birds and making your own fat balls and feeders is so much more satisfying. Not to mention you can use up scraps from your kitchen and stop them going to waste. Making your own fat balls is a great and affordable way to give the birds some extra energy and nourishment, as well as filling your garden with stunning wildlife - it’s a win-win situation!

What you need to make them

Making your own fat balls is very simple. All you need is vegetable suet and some bird seed mix, and you might also want to include scraps from your kitchen such as dry oats, nuts and cheese crumbs. But you need to be careful not to include any harmful ingredients such as salted nuts, chocolate, onions or garlic. Once you’ve got what you need it’s as easy as cooking your suet down, mixing it all up and letting your balls set in the fridge overnight. Here is more information on what you need to make fat balls for birds.

Other ways you can feed the birds

But you're not just limited to fat balls when it comes to feeding the birds, there are other foods and feeders you can make at home, and you can do this with everyday items and things you might find in your garden. For example, you can use yoghurt pots, pinecones, plastic bottles, logs and even apples! Once again, this is the perfect way to reduce waste, recycle and help to feed the birds and keep them coming back to your garden

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