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I swear we haven't gone nuts

Walter the tree

I swear we haven’t gone nuts!

Gardening really does take some patience – the same can be said for farming – however, growing trees does seem to be a slow experience! It was lovely to take the two dogs down with Robyn to see their progress, not only has Walter expanded a lot since the two of us visited that plot, but the trees are really looking healthy as can be.

I really am enjoying watching the project progress, a few years ago it was just an idea, then it was a query, and now they’re verging on 2ft tall! It’s so lovely to feel as if Chris and I are setting up this woodland that can be enjoyed not only by the wildlife of the future, but also people of the future!

Our own little biosphere continues to grow in all manners, Robyn and the dogs played in the, now quite large, wetland area, and she took some photos of bird prints all around the edges – it’s great to see them uninterrupted and to know they have something to drink and wash in no matter the weather. We’re looking forward to removing the deer proof fencing once the saplings are large enough and hopefully seeing some deer perusing the watery edges.

Perhaps the best feeling with planting these trees is that when reading all about deforestation (doing tree research!) I found that the leading cause is agricultural practices; on the contrary at Laverock Hall! Indeed, the trees will be harvested in a few years and every year after, showing that when projects are done properly you can try and work economically in tandem with the environment.

Just for those enquiring, or anyone nosy, we’re growing mostly hazelnut or filbert trees. The Vikings believed they were the Tree of Knowledge, so perhaps Chris planted them just for me! They have been harvested for at least 9000 years, and the Ancient Chinese medicine says they are a food from the Gods as they are so good for blood pressure and as a ‘pick me up’ after illness. They have been used as medicinal ever since – and modern medicine has proved it all with seven photo-chemicals in them! As well as all that, they’re perfect for encouraging lichens, fungi and ideal conditions for little mammals.

So, with how much they can be used for, perhaps we don’t need to ring the Nutella factory yet!


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