Wild Bird food and Racing Pigeon food

Ditches and Ponds


  We’re back making ponds again! This will be our fourth man made pond that Chris has excavated on the farm recently, we're all really benefitting the insect life, birdlife, and wildlife too. They're also nice and near each other, so the animals can hop between each pond area (around 300m between each pond, give or take). Our latest pond is to be dug hopefully this week, we’re digging a ditch too - ditches are much more environmentally friendly than piped water courses as the wildlife they can sustain is amazing. We have a piped water course in this field at the moment but the clay drains are not able to take the water that comes down them, so they flood and the crops seem to be getting washed away most years, as you can see by the picture from this week. Check out where the crops begin and the margin...

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    Well, May is almost over and still no rain here on our farm - it’s been thirteen weeks now without any rain of any significance. We have had a couple of showers, but, to be honest, the wind at the time was so strong that it barely hit the ground. My poor little pumpkins for our Pick your Own Pumpkins later in the year are desperately in need of rain, as are all our crops, including the grass for hay for our horses. As well as making bird foods we have been assisting Robyn, our daughter, with her new venture, she’s making soap using oilseed rape from our farm plus some lovely scents and colours too. She’s also making a pure soap with no scent or colour at all, its pure white and has been tested on the whole family without any incidents at all.  The soaps are in...

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From little acorns


Old Year, New Year, its that interim time when you don’t know what day it is, where you need to be but hopefully enjoy the relaxing time before the New Year gears up and off we all go again. I put some photos of our project on our Facebook page this morning but thought I’d explain a bit more what we’re up to, hence this post. You’ll all remember that we started a woodland and pond project early last year on the farm. It had been in the pipeline for a while, but we got started planting trees and it all started taking shape early last year. I uploaded photos of the little trees on earlier blogs, with their biodegradable covers to protect them, the newly dug pond and the impressive deer fence, which will be taken down once the trees are established, we hope this will be done in about...

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I swear we haven't gone nuts

Walter the tree

I swear we haven’t gone nuts! Gardening really does take some patience – the same can be said for farming – however, growing trees does seem to be a slow experience! It was lovely to take the two dogs down with Robyn to see their progress, not only has Walter expanded a lot since the two of us visited that plot, but the trees are really looking healthy as can be. I really am enjoying watching the project progress, a few years ago it was just an idea, then it was a query, and now they’re verging on 2ft tall! It’s so lovely to feel as if Chris and I are setting up this woodland that can be enjoyed not only by the wildlife of the future, but also people of the future! Our own little biosphere continues to grow in all manners, Robyn and the dogs played in the, now...

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