Wild Bird food and Racing Pigeon food

Ditches and Ponds


  We’re back making ponds again! This will be our fourth man made pond that Chris has excavated on the farm recently, we're all really benefitting the insect life, birdlife, and wildlife too. They're also nice and near each other, so the animals can hop between each pond area (around 300m between each pond, give or take). Our latest pond is to be dug hopefully this week, we’re digging a ditch too - ditches are much more environmentally friendly than piped water courses as the wildlife they can sustain is amazing. We have a piped water course in this field at the moment but the clay drains are not able to take the water that comes down them, so they flood and the crops seem to be getting washed away most years, as you can see by the picture from this week. Check out where the crops begin and the margin...

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