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This is a first for the family; Robyn has been interviewed for a Podcast called Rock & Roll Farming run by the lovely Will Evans, a farming journalist with Farmers Weekly & also a farmer. He heard about Robyn from the article she did for Farmers Guardian last year, in which she talked openly about coping with epilepsy whilst living on a farm and the difficulties that can arise. One such problem being that we live in an isolated place, and so isn’t on a bus route – this makes it a real difficulty for her to get out independently. All things that most of us take for granted, like being able to lock the bathroom door (we have no locks on our bathroom in case Robyn has a seizure, so we can reach her quickly), or not going to parties and clubs with strobe lighting due to the fact she could bring on a seizure as she has photosensitive epilepsy too. Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom, as the focus of Robyn’s podcast was more about overcoming problems and raising awareness in a highly positively minded manner! We’re all very proud of her here for being brave and very adult about the problems she and many others face every day.

Her interview is available on Will’s podcast called if anyone is interested. She talks about the farm, our bird food business, her favourite birds & our conservation project too if you would like to listen.



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