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I think everyone knows how stressful it can be for farmers at this time of year, and people are very appreciative for the most part. I thought it would be fun to write a post of the top 5 typical harvest mishaps that make Chris’s hair end up more grey every year!

  1. I don’t remember a year that a combine, tractor or something else hasn’t broken down in a vital place or time!
  2. Just because he is working long and strange hours does not stop us from selling our bird foods at normal times in the day.
  3. The food that I’ve made never tastes quite as good once it’s been sitting on the stove for 5 hours! Although, I know he would never complain!!
  4. Going from busy to not busy just because of a little rain – I don’t think there’s too many jobs that would make you wait 3 days until you can start again after a shower.
  5. The fact that even when it’s over and all the grain is in, he has a sigh of relief and a cup of tea, then it’ll be time to plough it all up again and start for next year!

This year hasn’t been too bad, we’ve seen many worse years, but no matter how good a year is it is always a good day when I’m told it’s all in – even if the dogs really do miss playing in the stubble wheat fields together.

Give my husband some wheat and he’ll make bird food for a day, teach him how to harvest and he’ll be stressed his whole working life!


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