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Food for Thought

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I’ve just done a Facebook post about differing qualities of Wild Bird Foods and thought I’d do a blog post about it too.I was recently approached by a customer who told me that a local bargain shop was selling great Wild Bird Food at just £3.99 for a 12.6kg bag. This I had to see, I trotted off to our local ‘Bargain’ store to check out said Wild Bird Food. It was in an attractive bag with a clear part so you could see exactly what you were buying, wheat!, yes mostly wheat, I would approximate that it was about 90% wheat with some cut maize, black sunflowers and very few suet pellets. The label claimed that this food is specifically aimed for putting in feeders to attract smaller birds, including robins. Admittedly they will eat the suet pellets and the cut maize, but much of this food would be useful...
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Is it over yet?

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I think everyone knows how stressful it can be for farmers at this time of year, and people are very appreciative for the most part. I thought it would be fun to write a post of the top 5 typical harvest mishaps that make Chris’s hair end up more grey every year!I don’t remember a year that a combine, tractor or something else hasn’t broken down in a vital place or time!Just because he is working long and strange hours does not stop us from selling our bird foods at normal times in the day.The food that I’ve made never tastes quite as good once it’s been sitting on the stove for 5 hours! Although, I know he would never complain!!Going from busy to not busy just because of a little rain – I don’t think there’s too many jobs that would make you wait 3 days until you can start...
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Not just for the birds

We’re often asked in the shop which birds eat what types of food or is one mix better than another?While there’s no hard & fast rule regarding feeding I usually say that the smaller the seeds the smaller the birds they will attract. We make a few different mixes to attract all types of birds to your feeders, but some people find that some mixes work better than others and there are also obvious factors regarding how sheltered your garden is, or if you own cats which can affect which birds you will attract.Our Laverock Hall Deluxe Bird food was one of the first mixes we made many years ago. It is our what we call entry level bird food, it will attract birds to your feeder and will feed all types of birds, but it does contain wheat so will be useful if you wish to attract pigeons or if...
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