Wild Bird food and Racing Pigeon food

Food for Thought

no wheat wbf

I’ve just done a Facebook post about differing qualities of Wild Bird Foods and thought I’d do a blog post about it too. I was recently approached by a customer who told me that a local bargain shop was selling great Wild Bird Food at just £3.99 for a 12.6kg bag. This I had to see, I trotted off to our local ‘Bargain’ store to check out said Wild Bird Food. It was in an attractive bag with a clear part so you could see exactly what you were buying, wheat!, yes mostly wheat, I would approximate that it was about 90% wheat with some cut maize, black sunflowers and very few suet pellets. The label claimed that this food is specifically aimed for putting in feeders to attract smaller birds, including robins. Admittedly they will eat the suet pellets and the cut maize, but much of this food would be...

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