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8 Seeds, 8 generations, and 8 reasons why Laverock Hall Deluxe is my choice!

robyn deluxe

Our original Wild Bird Food Mix, Deluxe has 8 different seeds,pictured above is Robyn (8th Generation), so here’s 8 reasons to buy your bird foods from us!

  1. Deluxe Wild Bird food, like all our bird foods, are made here on our farm in Northumberland by Chris & the team. Chris is the 7th Generation of the Hogg family who have farmed here so he knows a bit about crops & seeds, and if you come into our shop you can meet the man who makes your bird food!

2 All of our Laverock bird foods come in a strong woven polypropylene bag which is so strong it can be used again for e.g., garden waste, storage or even as a growbag – I have seen a picture of one filled with compost and holes cut into the sides to grow strawberries or potatoes!

3 We only use top grade ingredients in our bird foods – we have high standards and you can be assured of consistency, and that ingredients will not be substituted – if we don’t have the ingredients we won’t make that mixture, unlike some other companies.

  1. We have won awards for growing crops here on our farm, our Harvest 2017 Winter Barley won an award as one of the best crops grown in Northumberland.
  2. We can help you find the perfect mix for your garden birds. As well as Deluxe Bird food, we sell our No Waste Wild Bird Food which is coated in Aniseed oil to attract and keep birds coming into your garden, our No Wheat wild bird food, our High Energy Bird food and our Robin & Songbird mix, which is the latest addition to our range, so you should be able to find something to suit your needs.
  3. As well as Wild Bird Foods we also manufacture sixteen types of pigeon corns and Hen corns, as well as selling our own wheat and barley, plus selling sunflowers, peanuts, fat balls, and most other seeds you can think of, even Hemp.
  4. We support local wildlife, our local Red Squirrel group are supported by us and we have collecting tins in our shop to help the local hedgehog charity, we have planted wild flower margins around some of our fields and have planted cover crops in some fields to support the wildlife and birds. These fields are not harvested so the crop provides them with food and shelter throughout the Winter months.
  5. Our Farm supports equal opportunities – us ladies are not exempt from working here and if we’re not in the shop, we might be in the office or if you follow our Facebook page you will have seen the videos of me driving the tractor during this harvest – these girls can – and do!

After all these reasons here’s a link to our Deluxe Wild Bird food so you can treat the birds in your garden and you know all about where its from and the family who make it!

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