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Did you Know?There are lots of things that I am sure you don’t know about our farm, business or bird foods, maybe you don’t want to know , but I thought that I’d share some of them with you all, you might be pleasantly surprised!Did you know that the Hogg family have farmed at Stickley Farm for over 180 years and we took over Laverock Hall Farm in the 1980’s where our shop is located but all of the farming, wholesaling, manufacturing, bagging and office work takes place at Stickley Farm which is where we live?Did you know that we grow some of the crops that we use in our Pigeon corns and hen foods, plus some wild bird foods here on our own farms, including wheat, oilseed rape. Tic beans, barley and we are even growing some buckwheat this year and have grown millet, linseed and tares in the past...
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