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Did you know?

Laverock hall farm logo

Laverock hall farm logo

Did you Know?

There are lots of things that I am sure you don’t know about our farm, business or bird foods, maybe you don’t want to know , but I thought that I’d share some of them with you all, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Did you know that the Hogg family have farmed at Stickley Farm for over 180 years and we took over Laverock Hall Farm in the 1980’s where our shop is located but all of the farming, wholesaling, manufacturing, bagging and office work takes place at Stickley Farm which is where we live?

Did you know that we grow some of the crops that we use in our Pigeon corns and hen foods, plus some wild bird foods here on our own farms, including wheat, oilseed rape. Tic beans, barley and we are even growing some buckwheat this year and have grown millet, linseed and tares in the past too?

Did you know that we make over 18 types of Pigeon Corns here under the Laverock Hall label, plus 5 types of our own Wild Bird foods as well as Mixed Hen Corns with or without layers pellets, all manufactured here by Chris and the team. Chris invents the recipes and decides what goes into the mixes and then they are tried and tested out before they become part of our established list of bird foods and can then be sold but we rarely change our recipes and never substitute ingredients with cheaper alternatives. Our Laverock No Waste Wild Bird Food has 18 ingredients?

Did you know that we also sell Peanuts (oridinary, chopped peanuts and peanuts in shells), Sunflowers (Black, Striped and Sunflower Hearts), Mealworms, Niger Seed, Fat Balls, as well as wheat, barley, maple peas, groats, tares, linseed, red and white dari, red and white millet plus maize both cut and French?

Did you know that we sell all of these Wild Bird Foods, Pigeon corns and Hen corns in our shop, plus dog foods, cat litters, shavings, rabbit foods and dog chews too, plus some leads and collars?

Did you know that in our shop we sell Pigeon medicines, supplements, grits, drinkers, feeders, Layers pellets, mash, chick crumbs and growers pellets too, all made by BOCM?

Did you know that we are the only Farm in the UK with a shop dedicated to selling our own Wild Bird Foods, Pigeon Corns and Hen mixes?

Did you know that we have a website where you can buy all of our Wild Bird Foods, plus some straights and Pigeon corns and these can be delivered to your door for only £3.99 per bag, or Free if you spend over £60?

Did you know that we wholesale throughout the North and are always looking for new outlets who wish to sell our products?

Did you know that we are still a family based enterprise and that Chris began making his pigeon mixes in a cement mixer – it was clean, honestly?

Did you know that our shop is open 4 mornings a week

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9.30-1PM and Sunday 9.30-12?

Did you know that our Bird foods and Business have won awards?

Chris was runner up in the Rural Diversification Category of the British Farmer awards 2017 and we have won the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award in 2012 and were awarded Nick Brown Small Business of the year 2016?

Well, now that you know all about us and our business I hope that you will feel more familiar with our products and enjoy feeding them to your birds and animals with as much confidence in them as we have.

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