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The Beast from the East

Well it has finally arrived , the snow is here, the news is full of weather pictures and we are inundated with reports that there is much more snow to come.  The fields, gardens and roads are covered and there seems to be disruption throughout the whole country due to this freezing weather.

Hopefully you are reading this in your lovely warm , centrally heated house and well stocked up with lots of warming foods, after all this weather has been forecast for some time.  The Beast from the East is a Polar Vortex with weather coming straight from Russia coming in on Easterly Winds.  We can be prepared but how well prepared are the birds in our gardens? Most of us are really generous and do put food out for the birds but did you know that fresh water is also important, I know its not easy to put out fresh water without it freezing over but if at all possible I'm sure it is appreciated. Some people put a tennis ball in their bird baths so that it is less likely to freeze over, plus whn you remove the tennis ball there should hopefully be a hole in the ice - not useful in the snow I know, but we may get icy conditions when the snow melts during the day then freezes at night.

We are feeding a number of species in our garden, we have Bullfinches, house sparrows, robins, blue tits, goldfinches, blackbirds, thrushes and many more.  We are feeding small fat balls hung on tree branches and in a feeder, sunflower hearts, high energy Wild Bird food and mealworms too.   In our shop and on line our Laverock No Waste Wild Bird Food is the most popular and this is an ideal high energy bird food, suitable at this time of year and indeed all year round. It contains about sixteen different types of seeds to suit many types of garden birds.

Please please remember to look after the birds in your garden, they give us all so much pleasure watching them at our feeding stations, but this food important for their survival, especially in these Arctic conditions.  I have attached a video of our very own Beast from the North East, Stanley our 13 year old Border Terrier, this morning out for his morning constitutional - I hope it makes you smile.  Stay warm and safe everyone.



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