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National Nest Box Week 14-21st February

81b42d c126f6469bfd486fa8e3f380369391ec mv2 d 3567 5351 s 4 2National Nest Box week starts on Valentine's day, the 14th February.   This is traditionally the day that not only people are romantic but it is also the day that apparently birds pair up too.   Nest boxes can be a great idea &  there are many on the market or you can make a simple one yourself.  Due to modern living there are less spaces available for smaller birds to nest, such as old garden sheds, or old trees.  Sparrows have seen a decline in their numbers as apparently modern house roof spaces saren't suitable for sparrows to nest & so many of the woodland areas have been built on or tidied up.  Hopefully a breeding pair of birds will make their home in your nest box & then breed & lay eggs & hatch their young successfully.  Some of our customers have web cams in their nest boxes and enjoy their very own Springwatch in their gardens, warning though it can become very addictive, watching the wildlife in your garden.  Some customers have shared some amazing photos of wildlife in their gardens & sharedones from their nestboxes too.  During this really cold spell we advise that you feed high energy foods to the birds if at all possible. We sell Laverock High Energy Bird food which has sunflower hearts, groats , mealworms & much more to provide easy eating but high energy giving foods to help the birds thrive during these cold temperatures., but this is just one of our Laverock Mixes, we have many suitable for most requirements, we also sell, peanuts, peanuts in shells, sunflower hearts, black sunflowers, fat balls & much much more. Hopefully Nest Box week will be a great success for 2018 and the bird population will thrive. Oh , and Happy Valentines Day too.



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