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Walter the Vizsla

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It’s been a long time since I admired Wirehaired Hungarian Vizslas and we have had a few dogs in our lives in the meantime, all of them loved and treasured members of our family, living alongside our children and a variety of other pets along the way, including a ferret, ponies, and various cats, most of which found us rather than us choosing them! We currently have Frank, our smooth haired Hungarian Vizsla who was driven up from Gloucestershire almost 2 years ago to cause chaos and mayhem in our lives. He’s been like a whirlwind and I have described him as like living with a kangaroo in the house. Why oh why did I then agree to us having another one in the family you ask. Well the reason is that when we had Frank we also had my beloved terrier, Stanley who ruled our house and us to his...
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