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Why I love hedgehogs

alexas fotos OMCgkp1oZ3Q unsplash

Marrying into a family with the surname Hogg it’s almost a given that I would love hedgehogs too! Indeed, I even joked about our children having the surname Hogg, and perhaps we should have named them Road, Hedge and Wart so they have to be very thankful for the names they do have. We have a family of hedgehogs in our garden and a few years back they had three small baby hedgehogs running around the garden most evenings, much to the delight of the family, and sadly there are no photos of them as we just enjoyed the moment. Although, I do hope those hedgehog babies have grown up and are living a great adult life nearby. Some of you will also remember that Frank, our Vizsla, was trapped (or so we thought) under Chris’s Garden shed trying to engage with a hedgehog - all we heard was barking and...

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