Wild Bird food and Racing Pigeon food

Lets make today Green Friday

Covid 19 Update

We know that everyone loves a deal, and Black Friday is always a wild time to find them. Here at Laverock Hall we may not be doing some crazy flash deal, but instead we are encouraging you to remember that Black Friday week is also a busy time for animals and wildlife. We know that everyone is just out there looking for a deal that doesn’t cost the earth, but this Black Friday weekend you could do a great deal to help the earth instead – even if it is your own little world! So I’ve compiled a few garden creatures that would definitely love some TLC this weekend from you, instead of buying something new! Not money off, but hopefully some (bird) food for thought! (haha) Of course, birds are always first on our minds here at Laverock Hall! Our British wild birds are always hungry, or at least they...

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