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Spring News from the Farm


Hopefully the weather is as nice for you reading this as it is for us here on the farm with temperatures almost at 20 degrees today. We have had some rain overnight the last few days which has helped the ground to soften as as it seems like concrete, Those of you who are attempting to plant in your gardens will know exactly what I mean, the poor seedlings are struggling to break through so any moisture is a help, although we don't wish to revert back to the wet awful winter weather that we have just endured. We are busy here on the farm, we have planted all of the Spring crops and are busy fertilising at the moment and will be starting with hay and haylage soon too, so there is much to keep us busy in the fields as well as in the warehouse where we make the bird foods.

Pigeon racing season is in full swing too and our customers are kept very busy at this time making sure their racing birds are in top condition for the long races ahead. We have had some excellent results from some customers who have won particular races but although they use our corns they are not keen to share their secrets and let others know which of our corns they use!

The garden chorus seems to be getting louder every morning when I fill the feeders, the birds seem to be enjoying htis fine weather as much as we do although I am making sure that the feeders are kept clean and that fresh water is available at all times. The bird bath, which is shallow seems to be most popular with collared doves, especially later in the day and then cleaned and filled by me ready for the next day and the queue of visitors. I am using our Laverock No Waste Bird Food in the feeders at this time plus helping Chris out by using a burst bag of Sunflower Hearts on the Bird Table. The high energy  foods are great at this timeof year when the birds are nesting and feeding young, they are great all year but especially valued in Spring to keep the birds energy levels high. Hopefully we will have a lovely Spring leading into a long warm Summer before we have to think about wrapping up for the Winter, it seems so far away and hopefully we will have a wonderful Summer to make up for our long cold Winter.



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