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Wheat Free Wild Bird Food
Laverock Hall Farm
5 stars out of 5 (Rating: 5)

Laverock Hall Farm "Farm Grown" : Delivered Direct from our farm to your door


This is probably one of our most popular Wild Bird Food mixes.

Also known as No Wheat Wild Bird Food. This mix has no wheat as smaller birds find it difficult to eat the large wheat seeds, wheat can also be used as filler; not here!

This means that pesky pigeons won’t be able to dominate the smaller songbirds, plus no rogue wheat will grow on your lawn!

Wheat Free Wild Bird Food is often the perfect choice for someone wishing to attract smaller birds, the high level of black sunflower seeds certainly helps too!


This mix contains: Black Sunflowers, Red & White Dari, Red & White Millet, Groats, Canary Seed, Niger Seed, Cut Maize, and Oil Seed Rape.


Limited Wastage

Bag Size 15Kg


Postage up to each 20KG is £7 by 3/5 day courier. We are conscious of this cost to our customers and would like you to get the best from the postage charge. Please look at the Related Products tab above and see if you can add some smaller, cheaper items to your cart to cram as much in as possible before going to the next weight postage charge! (The weight and charge is shown in the cart and can be adjusted before checkout)




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