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Robin & Songbird Food

Laverock Robin & Songbird Food available in Bag Sizes 5Kg & 12.55Kg
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 A very luxurious wild bird food mix for a bird lover looking to treat their garden tweeters!
This mix was designed specifically with Robins and other small British birds in mind, including some tasty treats like mealworms and raisins. 
A known favourite for blackbirds due to the additional dried raisin content makes it ideal for bird tables, feeders or ground feeding.
Contains: Sunflower Hearts, Chopped Peanuts, Pinhead Oatmeal, Groats, Cut Maize, Flaked oats, crushed wheat, (less than 6%), mealworms and raisins

High energy

No mess
Husk free
Smaller birds

Bag Sizes 5Kg & 12.55Kg

 Postage up to each 25KG is £3.99 by 3/5 day courier. We are conscious of this cost to our customers and would like you to get the best from the postage charge. Please look at the Related Products below and see if you can add some smaller, cheaper items to your cart to cram as much in as possible before going to the next weight postage charge! (The weight and charge is shown in the cart and can be adjusted before checkout)

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