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High Energy Wild Bird Food

Laverock High Energy Wild Bird Food available in Bag Sizes 5Kg & 12.55Kg
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 This premium High Energy Wild Bird Food mix is packed with high energy seeds, also contains dried Mealworms for extra protein.
Once the birds have tried it they’re sure to use their extra energy to come back for more!
Excellent for periods of colder weather, as well as the breeding season when birds will need a little extra something to keep them going.

This mix contains: Red Dari, Sunflower Hearts, Groats, Pinhead Oatmeal, Red & White Millet, Cut Maize, and Dried Mealworms.This mix also now has suet pellets too for even more added energy.

Contains Sunflower Hearts and Dried Mealworms
Contains High Energy Small Seeds

Bag Sizes 5Kg & 12.55Kg

Postage up to each 25KG is £3.99 by 3/5 day courier. We are conscious of this cost to our customers and would like you to get the best from the postage charge. Please look at the Related Products below and see if you can add some smaller, cheaper items to your cart to cram as much in as possible before going to the next weight postage charge! (The weight and charge is shown in the cart and can be adjusted before checkout))

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