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Hens, chickens, poultry – they conjure up a vision of either fluffy chicks at Easter or lovely brown hens scratching around a farmyard, but more and more people are keeping chickens in their gardens or backyards, and judging by our own customers they seem to really love their hens. Lots of people buy their chickens Wild Bird food as a treat, or mealworms so they can scratch around and enjoy finding their treats among their usual chicken foods.

We have hens on our farm and we all know how lovely it is to have a freshly boiled egg with toast soldiers from a chicken we look after and feed, but some people only know of supermarket eggs and don’t have any idea where their eggs come from. Its lovely to meet with our customers and see how much the whole family can be involved in chicken keeping, and not just by collecting and eating the eggs. We have some very enterprising young customers who keep their chickens and sell the eggs to their families and friends which all helps to pay for the chicken food and provides them with pocket money too.

We cater for all types of chicken keepers, from the ones with one or two chickens to the ones who keep hundreds, and sell BOCM Farmgate layers pellets, plus mash, chick crumbs and growers’ pellets too. Our Laverock Mixed Hen corn is a mixture of our own farm wheat, layers pellets, plus cut maize, added as its loved by chickens but it also helps the yolks of the eggs to develop a lovely deep yellow colour. In our shop we stock drinkers, feeders, chicken medicines and supplements including poultry spice and wormers too. The ‘new’ health idea of the benefits of people drinking Apple Cider Vinegar has been known by chicken keepers for years. It is added to the chicken’s water to keep them healthy and happy, so even holistic methods have been used in poultry welfare for a very long time.

Some people only feed their poultry on wheat, so we stock straight wheat too, from our own farm but it is dried, cleaned and bagged before sale, so you can be assured of quality and consistency with every bag. We stock shavings and bales of straw too, so the nest boxes and hen runs are catered for too, although the only thing we don’t sell is live chickens even though often we are asked if we do. Perhaps it is something we might have to consider in the future.

If you have a chicken keeper in your life and are stuck for Christmas ideas, maybe you could call into our shop and treat them to an unusual gift, or ask us for a gift voucher so that they can come and choose something for themselves, the idea of buying a chicken water drinker for Christmas might be an unusual gift to you or me, but it might be exactly what that person wanted…keep your chicken keeper and their chickens happy and you’ll have eggs for life!


Not just for the birds
Walter the Vizsla

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