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Bird Table Envy

bird table

Do you suffer from Bird Table Envy?, Is there such a thing as Bird Table Envy?.  I honestly did not think such a thing existed until I saw this photo of a bird table and felt I had to share the photo with you all.

This is not my bird table, but I think over the coming months I will be attempting to copy some of the features shown here to create a veritable feast for the birds in our garden.  We are visited by many birds of all shapes and sizes, including house sparrows, tree sparrows, blue tits, long tailed tits, bullfinches, goldfinches and our old favourite mega pigeon, the pigeon so large he has his own postcode!

I usually put out an array of our best selling Laverock Hall High Energy Bird food, plus sunflower hearts and a small Niger feeder for the finches, but this photo has given me rather a lot of inspiration so I will be hopefully hanging more feeders from the Bird Table itself although I do have concerns that the table might need to be securely anchored due to the winds or the fact that one side might be heavier than another and it might topple over and spill the contents everywhere.

I'm sure that by now you all realise that we don't only sell our mixes of Wild Bird Foods, we also sell straight seeds (yes they are really called that) which include peanuts, peanuts in shells, black sunflowers, sunflower hearts, fat balls , large and small, niger seed and much much more, so if you feel inspired to create a multi feeder I'm sure that we can help.  Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to put the clocks back on Saturday Night, or you'll miss out on that extra hour in bed!

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