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Why I love hedgehogs

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Marrying into a family with the surname Hogg it’s almost a given that I would love hedgehogs too!

Indeed, I even joked about our children having the surname Hogg, and perhaps we should have named them Road, Hedge and Wart so they have to be very thankful for the names they do have. We have a family of hedgehogs in our garden and a few years back they had three small baby hedgehogs running around the garden most evenings, much to the delight of the family, and sadly there are no photos of them as we just enjoyed the moment. Although, I do hope those hedgehog babies have grown up and are living a great adult life nearby.

Some of you will also remember that Frank, our Vizsla, was trapped (or so we thought) under Chris’s Garden shed trying to engage with a hedgehog - all we heard was barking and thought he was stuck. Poor Chris had to stop harvesting and jack the shed up to rescue Frank who didn’t need rescuing at all. No harm came to the hedgehog, of course, and it was absolutely fine – Frank was very proud of himself.

We have been selling Calciworms for a while in our shop, they are fatter and have more calcium in them than mealworms so are more suitable for hedgehogs, and many of our customers buy them to treat their prickly garden visitors, but we have been asked for more food for them so have begun stocking dry hedgehog food in 2kg bags. We even support the Northumbrian Hedgehog Trust. For those who don’t know them, they are a local charity who do so much to help and support these great creatures and if you’re ever in our shop we have one of their collecting tins and they’re always really grateful for any donations. We have rescued some hedgehogs before and taken them there to be looked after, a truly lovely team.

WE have had such a  busy season so far but all is looking remarkably good at the moment, the crops are doing well, the haylage is made, the pumpkins are thriving so fingers crossed it stays that way. Have a lovely summer and thank you for reading my blog and for all of the support.


Photo Alexas_Fotos on Unsplash

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