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Aniseedy secrets

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A lot of people who read my blog are avid wild bird twitchers, however, a lot of our sales come from our racing pigeon foods, too. In fact, the inspiration for our most popular bird food came from this industry. Many people know the story of our humble beginnings with making bird food mixes from friends, and it’s at this point that Chris learnt that aniseed oil is a great way of attracting pigeons back to their nest boxes, and that the liquorice/aniseed smell is delicious.

This is why we coat some of our pigeon mixes in the oil, including the aptly named ‘trapping’ mix, to make sure those pigeons are trapped in the quickest time they can be! Pigeons are, in their tastes, very similar to a lot of the wild birds in this respect, we have added aniseed oil into the no waste wild bird food and found that people say that the birds are still wild, but come back to their gardens a lot! They can smell the oil, which has a lovely liquorice like smell, and return to get their crunchy seeds often. Just because a bird is wild doesn’t mean that they can’t have a home!

We also have some pigeon fanciers that use the no waste wild bird foods as a treat for their pigeons coming home, so if you’re a twitcher looking to make a change, or would love to see the same birds in the garden every day, then make sure to ask someone in our shop about our aniseed mixes!


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