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There’s so much flying around now regarding bird watching & The Great British Bird Watch (January 27th-29th), but we do hope that you don’t just watch them on these days! Our British Wild Birds bring such joy to peoples lives who get so much enjoyment out of feeding and watching them that it would be such a shame to only bother for this occasion. I get it that its great to log what you can see in your garden, or wherever you choose to do your birdwatch - in the park , in a wood, or even outside your window at work. Although, here at Laverock Hal, we hope that it’s like a dog isn’t just for Xmas, it’s for life, and so feeding and watching the birds should be a part of your life too, not just for these 2 days!

In order to encourage as many birds to count as you can, you really need to start weeks before the Great British Bird Count, you should have a feeder and keep checking it to make sure its being used by birds and wildlife, we did have a red squirrel that emptied our feeder, and then regularly fill it! Often forgotten about, even by vigilant bird watchers, is to provide a source of fresh clean water too, not just for drinking, the birds also enjoy a bath too.

We are regularly asked what type of bird food you should be using in your feeder, that is as easy or as complicated as you like; some people like to use peanuts, sunflowers, Niger seed and wild bird food too, in different feeders and hopefully to encourage different types of birds. Other people use a mixture of bird foods, and as a rule we suggest that the smaller the seeds, the smaller the bird you should encourage. Our Laverock No Waste Wild Bird food is a great example of this, plus its coated in aniseed oil, birds love aniseed and can smell it from a great distance so that can also encourage and retain birds to your feeder. There’s no hard & fast rule & to be honest any food is better than no food, especially in the colder weather, homemade food or porridge oats is fab too, please just make sure you check your feeders for dropped food and check that rodents aren’t visiting too (not easy).  Cats can also be a bit of a menace and can scare the birds away so watch out for that too if your feeders haven’t been emptied for a couple of days.

Now that we’ve sorted the food and feeders out you need to register and log the birds you have seen during the hour you have allocated to watch them. The RSPB website has a lot of details and information if you’re struggling to identify a garden visitor to add to your list. It also has a quiz you can take which allows you to find out which garden bird you are, which might be fun, we ‘ve added a link here to it

Hopefully if you’re taking part the Great British Birds will be out in force at your feeders and you can log a record year, especially if you’re using Laverock Bird Foods to feed them on. Good Luck and happy Bird Watching!



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