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National Nestbox Week 14-21 February

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Now is a great time to put a nest box in your garden as some types of birds , such as blue tits, start to look for nest sites as early as February so you could be receiving visitors very soon to your new box. National Nestbox week takes place from 14-21 February and people are being encouraged to put up a nestbox in their garden or outside space if at all possible. The main reason for this is that natural sites that birds would more usually nest in are disappearing as people tidy their gardens or knock down old outhouses where birds might have nested and they have less and less places to safely nest and breed. If at all possible your nestbox should be facing North, to avoid blustery wet weather and bright direct sunlight, both of which could impair the survival of the feathered inhabitants, your nest box doesn't have to be a palace, you could buy one or why not make one. There are lots of instructions on the internet for simple bird boxes which can be easily made.

RSPB advises that even if you put up a nest box and it isn't used this season for nesting, please don't despair as once the birds acclimatise and are used to the new box they might roost in it over the Winter. Why not make a bird box for your garden & see who makes it their home, you could enjoy watching the birds and be helping to contribute to bird conservation too.

If we do get the threatened Winter blasts and snow that is forecast almost daily, please make sure that the birds in your garden have plenty to eat and  fresh water to drink and if the water supply freezes over then the addition of a small plastic ball into the bird bath is recommended as its bobbing around can sometimes prevent the whole surface from freezing over and ensure a constant supply of water.  During this cold time it is important that we provide a high energy diet if at all possible, suet and peanuts or sunflower hearts are a great high energy feed. Our Laverock High energy wild bird food contains mealworms, sunflower hearts, groats and much more to provide a suitable high energy food.

Good luck with National Nestbox Week, we will be particpating, will you?

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