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Lets make today Green Friday

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We know that everyone loves a deal, and Black Friday is always a wild time to find them. Here at Laverock Hall we may not be doing some crazy flash deal, but instead we are encouraging you to remember that Black Friday week is also a busy time for animals and wildlife. We know that everyone is just out there looking for a deal that doesn’t cost the earth, but this Black Friday weekend you could do a great deal to help the earth instead – even if it is your own little world! So I’ve compiled a few garden creatures that would definitely love some TLC this weekend from you, instead of buying something new! Not money off, but hopefully some (bird) food for thought! (haha)

Of course, birds are always first on our minds here at Laverock Hall! Our British wild birds are always hungry, or at least they seem to be in our garden! We’re hoping that everyone is making sure their feeders are topped up, we know it can be hard when its -2 degrees out and snowing, but you must remember that the poor feathered friends are having to live in that! Plus, at this time of year there is far less for them to forage for.

Have you thought much about your hedgehogs? Those little critters love cat biscuits and meaty cat food, since they eat whatever creepy crawlies they can find – normally they would’ve began to hibernate by now, but since we’ve had a mild winter you may see some still creeping about at night. Maybe this Green Friday you could do a hedgehog walk near to where you live and see if you could adopt one until she/he goes to sleep?

Another favourite (in our neck of the woods, at least) is red squirrels, they are famous for burying their nuts to come back to, but when these stores run out, or if the ground is frozen, it could be helpful to put out some nuts and seeds for the squirrels to graze on. The females need a lot of food during winter as this is the time of year that they’re getting pregnant – if you’d give up your seat on the bus for a pregnant human then I hope you’d give a pregnant squirrel some peanuts!!

As a small, local, family-run business we can’t go crazy offering loads of deals like bigger brands, but you can be safe in the knowledge that every bag of bird food we send out we have made fully ourselves and we are super proud of! Black Friday is the most consumeristic day of the year, along with Boxing Day sales, but we hope that this jolly article without any offers, deals or anything like that might make you spend a bit of time walking around your own garden, rather than consuming yourself in retail therapy this weekend! It might be snowy and windy, but wrap up warm and go find some critters!


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