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Has Spring Sprung?

Another dry, sunny and pleasant day today but is this Spring or will the weather turn cold again?  The forecasters would have us believe that we are due cold wet weather and possibly even snow but the activity in the garden makes me think that Spring is already here. The birdsong is so loud from that I am convinved that our feathered friends seem to think that better weather is here to stay and its time for nest building, the feeders are being emptied daily rather than every two days so we are feeding more birds and they seem to be in rather a frenzy to get Spring underway. We are feeding Laverock Hall High Energy Bird food in our feeders at the minute to give the birds a Spring energy boost and they seem to be thoroughly enjoying this feed after feeding them no wheat and no waste bird feeds during the Winter months.

We have seen such a lot of goldfinches, some blue tits and a couple of robins have been visiting the feeders and using the new bird table after a couple of very wary fly pasts.Our garden bird numbers have increased year on year and the species are more varied which makes for much more interesting observing from the kitchen window! Our resident red squirrel will hopefully put in more appearances this year and maybe our woodpecker will stay long enough at the feeder for me to get some better photographs to share with you all. We had a magnificent pheasant visiting our garden which really impressed Frank, the puppy, but I'm not sure who got the bigger shock when the pheasant took flight squawking very loudly.

Work is stepping up on the farm too with crop fertilising and spraying starting as the fields dry up and everything starts to 'green up' as the old sayings go, so the longer summer days mean longer working hours for us all here, as well as the ongoing manufacturing of our bird foods for pigeons, wild birds and poultry too, so lots to keep us all busy, I have even noticed that the front garden grass needs cutting so I think Spring definitely has Sprung in our part of the world.


Nesting and a Feeding Frenzy
National Nestbox Week 14-21 February

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