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We've had some very busy weeks recently with more to come until the big day is finally here. Thankfully, the farmwork is mostly completed at this time of the year, so we can concentrate on our Bird Foods. We’re busy manufacturing Wild Bird Foods, Pigeon Corns, Chicken Foods, stocking the shop, as well as delivering to our trade customers and preparing courier orders for the website too! So, it’s a hands-on busy time. We even had to house a couple of geese overnight until they could be collected to go to their new home, they’re pets not Xmas dinners, before you ask. 

The wild birds visiting our bird table and feeders in our garden are many and varied at this time of year but they seem to visit by species for feeding, we will get a batch of sparrows, then some blue tits, then the pigeons come along for a feed, and the feisty robins just seem to barge in and feed whenever they feel like it - regardless of the bird table etiquette that’s obviously what is expected at the bird table!

There seems to be an abundance of sparrows this year and they seems to be enjoying the bird food and fat balls we’ve put out for them. Fat is a great food at this current time to keep the birds warm, especially as the temperature drops, fat balls are a great source for this, we also include suet pellets in our high energy bird food, or in our shop we sell suet pellets to supplement our bird foods, if you prefer to add your own to bird food

We’ve had a lot of customers buying bags of bird food for the bird lover in their life as a Christmas present, it’s a good way to get people feeding the birds, you could also buy them a small "I spy" type of book to identify the birds they are feeding, or a feeder too if they’re new to bird feeding. It’s a win win situation, someone gets a new hobby, and the birds get fed too, plus your present buying problems are solved too!

Our Christmas opening hours are pinned on our Facebook page as we are closed over the holidays, last day in the shop is the 23rd December 9.30-12 until Thursday 3rd January 9.30-1.

Our last orders for the website are 15th December to ensure delivery. We can take orders over the holidays, but these will not be dispatched until 3rd January so please order ASAP to avoid disappointment. We hope that you all enjoy a lovely Christmas, if you're celebrating or not, and we thank you for reading the blog, or buying our bird foods or just following us on Facebook, and we hope you will continue to do so in 2019.

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