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Floods of Opportunities

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No one has escaped the floods; it feels like it has rained since September and with a long Winter ahead of us it’s going to be ‘Wellie Weather’ for a long time ahead. The weather was so bad that we were unable to plant next year’s crops so the seed has had to be put aside for next Autumn, and we will plant other varieties in the Spring, if it ever dries up!

We were bothered that we were unable to plant the crops we hoped but as things have turned out, with the weather we have had the poor seedlings might have rotted off anyway so maybe it’s for the best that we have only planted some fields. If all goes according to plan, we hope to plant a totally new crop which could interest our readers when it comes to being harvested. Have I got you interested yet, well I do hope so as the crop we hope to plant in one of the fields will be …….wait for it……drum roll please …..PUMPKINS, yes we hope to plant a field of pumpkins and are hoping for it to be a Pick Your Own so you can come to the farm & choose your own pumpkin for Halloween or even just to make pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie or whatever you wish. This is exciting and a first for us, hopefully we will be able to make this happen and with a little support from you all we will be able to make the flooding disasters into a whole new venture, for one of our fields at least. We’re rather excited and hope we can make it possible, what an amazing crop to grow.

The birds seem to be needing more feeding just these past two weeks, since the clocks have changed I have had to fill the feeders more often although the upside of that is that I have seen many more lovely birds visiting the feeders and much more often too. We have had what seems like flocks of male bullfinches visiting, plus blue tits, long tailed tits and flocks of sparrows too. On our bird table I have been putting out the broken fat balls that are left in the bottom of the boxes and are unsaleable. Since we now sell fat balls without nets, they seem to disintegrate quicker and it’s not worth putting them in the fat ball feeder, so I have saved them all up and put them out on the bird table. They seem to be popular and a great high energy food to supplement the wild bird food I was using so I gave myself a little pat on the back as nothing has been wasted and the birds are happily hoovering them up.

I know that many people make early arrangements for Christmas and I just wanted to add that if you want to give the bird lover in your life a bag of our Wild Bird Food, we have lots to choose from, all made here on our farm, you can either call at our shop to collect a bag or alternatively order over the website and our courier service would deliver to their address so you wouldn’t need to lift a finger, except to use your computer. It’s a great present and the birds in their garden will be thrilled I’m sure.

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