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Easter Eggs

Blue Tit

Easter is a time of lambs, chicks & chocolate according to the TV adverts! We love to see the new born lambs springing along in the bright green grass alongside their mums & baby chicks & ducklings tootling along with their mums, plus the flowers, especially daffodils bursting into life & cheering us all up after a long drab Winter.

The Easter eggs we are most interested in are the type that the birds are laying & the significance of that new life form that will be produced, and how we can help them all along. We have supported the birds all Winter and they seem to have come through pretty unscathed, unlike last year when we all had to contend with the ‘Beast from the East’ and the cold Spring that came so late before we were indulged with one of the hottest Summers on record. It truly was a year of extremes, hopefully this year will be less extreme although a hot Summer would be most welcome again!

Here on the farm we have seen lots of species of birds, blackbirds, sparrows, blue tits, great tits, goldfinches, chaffinches & our garden robin too. Over at the farm's pond the waterhens have been busy nesting and we have seen frogs and newts all more visible, plus the toads have been making their way to the pond after mating, not my favourite creatures but as long as they make their way to the pond and not my house I’m more than happy. One did sit on my doorstep for a while & I used the front door to avoid her until I could persuade Chris to take her to the pond!

The lighter nights mean that my bird feeder filling needs to be done sometimes twice a day to keep the residents happy, otherwise they make their presence felt until I do fill their feeders, especially the noisy blackbird who seems to be rather cheeky & pushy compared to the gentle pigeons & sparrows. I’m using the High Energy Bird food with the hulled seeds so that the birds get instant energy rather than spending time shelling the seeds – yes, I know they have more time than me, but the mess of sunflower shells is a pain since I discovered sunflower hearts.

We hope that you have a lovely Easter and that the weather is decent too so that all those garden jobs can get done, and please don’t forget to keep those feeders filled, oh and enjoy your Easter Eggs, chocolate or otherwise.


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